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The Wedding Bash(ers) Roundup 9: Forest Fairytale vs. Winter Wonderland

14 November 2017
Here's our roundup of the weddings in Episode 9 of The Wedding Bash(ers).

The love and cake keep on coming in The Wedding Bash(ers), and oh what cakes they were! Check out our roundup of the two latest weddings below – forest fairytale (Billy van Biljon and Renier Lindeque) vs. winter wonderland (Lutfiyya Variawa and Yusuf Kara) - and rate them here.


Not only did both weddings live up to their themes, but they were also absolutely enchanting. Each couple wove magic through their big day in completely different ways. Billy and Renier’s forest venue was adorned with handcrafted decorations that incorporated the natural setting, while Lutfiyya and Yusuf evoked a winter wonderland with a gorgeous array of white flowers.

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Billy and Renier were dressed to the nines, and we liked that they distinguished their style by choosing a suit and tie, and a tux, instead of both wearing the latter. Lutfiyya stole the show at her wedding, wearing a dress so delicate and beautiful it almost brought Cindy to happy tears.

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What could be more romantic than a picnic in a forest? That’s what Billy and Renier opted for…along with bottles of wine stashed into the picnic baskets (yay for Denise!). Their unicorn cake was also a fun touch, and something quite different. Talking of cakes with a difference: how impressive was Lutfiyya and Yusuf’s airborne cake? The rest of the food also looked picture-perfect and made our mouths water all over again.

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The forest may have got a little too dark for a fairytale festivities, so Billy and Renier moved indoors to party it up with the bashers…and boy did they party! Lutfiyya and Yusuf’s reception may have set a different tone, but it was equally busy and bustling, and even featured a sax player.

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Which wedding was the best? You can rate both here and stand a chance to win big!

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