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Name: Felix Godlo
Previous season: Survivor SA: Island of Secrets (S7)
Age: 32
Hometown: Pretoria
A proud Xhosa man from a very traditional family, Felix Godlo is married with two children and is devoted to being a good father and role model. 
A natural leader and great sportsperson, his mission in life is to succeed to provide for his family and make them proud of him.
Having been humbled by his early exit in his previous season, he did a lot of introspection and has grown personally. He feels that he had a strategy for the game but didn’t execute it because he wasn’t in the right state of mind to play the game. Suppressing his natural leadership instincts led to him growing frustrated and acting out of character – so this time he’s aiming to communicate better and working on connecting with his fellow castaways on a deeper level.

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