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Name: Dino Paulo
Previous season: Survivor SA: Immunity Island S8
Age: 31
Hometown: Johannesburg
Charming and likeable Dino Paulo’s infectious, child-like enthusiasm belies a powerful tenacity. He has been in a relationship with his lawyer girlfriend – now fiancé – Kirsten for 11 years.
An escape game franchise co-owner, he was forced to pivot during lockdown like so many South Africans and successfully took the concept online. His work is a perfect match for his competitive nature, which has also made him the perfect team player in sports like football and rowing – while skydiving fuels his insatiable need for adrenaline.
From his previous Survivor experience, he has learnt to rely more on his game knowledge and instinct and to curb his paranoia. He feels that since he has nothing to lose, there’s less pressure on him this time around – so he’ll be playing with more freedom.

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