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Survivor South Africa

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Behind the Scenes


One final opportunity – Survivor SA Image : 11883
Nicole’s conundrum – Survivor SA Image : 11882
Nicole’s conundrum – Survivor SAHaving secured her spot in the final two, Nicole fields pitches from both Chappies and Anela – and she admits her mind is all over the place.
And the winner is… – Survivor SA Image : 11881
And the winner is… – Survivor SAThe recipient of the title of the title of Sole Survivor for Survivor SA: Immunity Island is… Nicole!
One final Immunity Challenge – Survivor SA Image : 11879
One final Immunity Challenge – Survivor SAThis is the game – whoever wins this last excruciating endurance test gets to choose who sits in the final Tribal Council with them.
Yet another curveball – Survivor SA Image : 11839
Yet another curveball – Survivor SANico reveals that this season, there will be a final two at the finale, and we say goodbye to one of the jury members.
Begging or appealing? – Survivor SA Image : 11835
Begging or appealing? – Survivor SATyson’s back is against the wall, and he is left with no other choice but to ally with his enemy.
Information and confirmation – Survivor SA Image : 11837
Information and confirmation – Survivor SAAfter winning this week’s immunity challenge, Chappies got to invite a jury member to lunch – and to his surprise, received some vital information.
A post-Immunity Challenge debrief – Survivor SA Image : 11803
A post-Immunity Challenge debrief – Survivor SANico addresses the castaways about ‘Survivor Fire’, Chappies’ win, and the food situation back at camp.
Chappies’ Diner leaves a sour taste – Survivor SA Image : 11801
Chappies’ Diner leaves a sour taste – Survivor SAIn spite of Kiran stepping in as Minister of Rice, Chappies is still operating his late night tuck shop – but now he has some unwelcome visitors!
Alliances are recalibrated – Survivor SA Image : 11802
Alliances are recalibrated – Survivor SATyson and Kiran are annoyed by Anela but still need his vote; Anela feels he’s in the hot seat after smashing their alliance; but Chappies and Nicole have a lifeline – and a new plan.
mn survivor 2021 exposed
Exposing the snitch – Survivor SAAlliances hang in the balance and the six remaining castaways are left scrambling after Kiran exposes the Judas of The League of Shadows.
‘He **çk** it all up!’ – Survivor SA Image : 11772
‘He **çk** it all up!’ – Survivor SAThe wheels come off when Anela confesses to his sins against The League of Shadows – and Kiran and Tyson are not impressed.
Stick to the plan, Anela – Survivor SA Image : 11771
Stick to the plan, Anela – Survivor SAAn unexpected alliance is formed, and a new plan is put in place. But Anela feels uneasy not getting all the credit for it.
Someone from home – Survivor SA Image : 11770
Someone from home – Survivor SAThis week, our castaways needed some assistance in the Reward Challenge and were surprised with a special visit from home.
Fire and fury at Tribal Council – Survivor SA Image : 11754
Fire and fury at Tribal Council – Survivor SAWe’ve had some superb Survivor SA Tribal Councils this season, but this may be the most contentious of all as accusations are levelled at Chappies and counter-accusations follow – and Nico just sits back and watches!
Nicole nails the Immunity Island challenge – Survivor SA Image : 11755
Nicole nails the Immunity Island challenge – Survivor SAFew have conquered the challenges on Immunity Island, but Nicole makes it look easy – with time to spare – and claims her reward: the Fire Idol.
The undercover cook – Survivor SA Image : 11756
The undercover cook – Survivor SAChappies will seemingly do anything to ‘outwit, outlast and outplay’, including going behind his fellow castaways’ backs at night to cook himself rice!
Operation Vuna OG – Survivor SA Image : 10819
Operation Vuna OG – Survivor SAAnesu is determined to vote out Tyson, but Kiran wants to get rid of the one person doing what he does just as well as he does.
So close, Santi! – Survivor SA Image : 10820
So close, Santi! – Survivor SAAt Immunity Island, no rock should be left unturned – especially if it means more power for the “destiny three”.
Letters from home – Survivor SA Image : 10818
Letters from home – Survivor SAChappies, Nicole, Tyson and Wardah are surprised with letters from home – and Nicole, shocked to find out that she’s no longer a target.
Renier’s attempted bluff backfires – Survivor SA Image : 10783
Renier’s attempted bluff backfires – Survivor SARenier makes a gamble at Tribal, revealing what he claims to be an idol, but he won’t show it and that makes Kiran furious – but the bold move does end in one last great analogy from the soon-to-be eliminated castaway.
Anesu’s ‘D-Day’ and ‘Operation Destiny’ – Survivor SA Image : 10782
Anesu’s ‘D-Day’ and ‘Operation Destiny’ – Survivor SAAnesu is keen to initiate a big blindside, but Chappies is worried about the numbers – but then she reveals her Tribal Council Pass before Amy approaches Chappies with a proposal.
Welcome to the Wild Waves – Survivor SA Image : 10785
Welcome to the Wild Waves – Survivor SAThe winners of this week’s challenge were whisked off to the Wild Coast Sun’s Wild Waves water park, where they enjoyed all the slides, took a fresh shower and enjoyed a delicious feast.
Rock-solid relationships – Survivor SA Image : 10784
Rock-solid relationships – Survivor SAIn an unusual Survivor SA twist, destinies are to be tied and the castaways are paired via a random rock draw – but the results of that draw are uncannily in line with existing alliances.
One last opportunity – Survivor SA