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Survivor South Africa

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Strange decisions and historic runs – Survivor SA

12 September 2021
Twitter reacts to Tyson’s elimination and 'Champies the Challenge Beast’.
Chappies chats to Tyson

Why did Tyson reject Chappie’ olive branch at Tribal Council? 🤔

Former castaway Dino had an interesting theory, and one we can't dispute based on existing evidence.

That pondered, Kiran will always have his bestie’s back!

And Tyson bid a sincere and heartfelt goodbye.

Thursday Night Outcasts had this fantastic stat about Chappies.

Last season’s winner also Rob ‘saluted’ Chappies on his superb Survivor SA track record.

Chappies shared a list of plays and aims he’d made while in quarantine before the show.

And Kabelo did us all a huge favour and resurfaced Chappies’ audition video!

And we – like Zavion – look forward to the finale!