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Sticky fingers, meaty pockets – Survivor SA

19 August 2021
Need a reason to tune in for this week’s episode?
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Images: Charlie Sperring and Peter Russell

Anesu handing Chappies her Tribal Council Pass on the way out of the game last week fired him up to exact revenge on those who sent her home – and he’s out to do exactly that on this week’s episode of Survivor SA. 

The advantage means that Chappies can send himself – or anyone else – back to camp at Tribal Council before the vote, keeping them in the game, but also removing their vote from the equation. Is that the only sweet plan he has up his sleeve?

Reasons why you don’t want to miss episode 12:

  • Santoni unearthed the Hidden Immunity Idol at Immunity Island last week, which introduced another wildcard into the game. Who knows whether she has it or not – and whether she’ll play it to greater effect than her last Idol, remains to be seen.
  • It’s auction time – and Santoni is at a disadvantage because she lost half her money when she failed to complete the Immunity Island ‘stay and play’ challenge last week. Among the items up for grabs at the auction are tools that could have a serious impact on the outcome of the vote – never mind the chance to fill rumbling stomachs.
  • One castaway’s penchant for secret midnight feasts riles up the others when their secret comes to light.
  • Tribal Council goes nuclear as accusations of cheating, dishonesty, unfairness and selfishness emerge, as Nico sits back and lets the castaways fight it out.
  • Who will become the 14th castaway to be voted out of the game and onto the Jury?

According to Nico, there are consequences for everything you do in the game of Survivor. Watch below:

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