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Survivor South Africa

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Spitting fire, snuffing torches – Survivor SA

24 August 2021
Last week’s episode: “That was the most insane Tribal Council, ever!” This week’s episode (26 August at 19:30, on M-Net): “Hold my beer…”
The Survivor SA final 6

The six remaining Survivor South Africa: Immunity Island Castaways are fired up after last week’s Tribal Council, where Chappies’ Tribal Council Pass and Santoni’s Hidden Immunity Idol turned the vote upside down to send a fuming Wardah, packing.

Despite the power moves, there was plenty of bickering – and the six remaining castaways need to remember they have to focus as much on impressing the Jury as they need to keep their alliances ticking and senses, sharp.

This week is the last time that advantages like the Fire Idol can be played at Tribal Council – but the castaways bring the sparks, regardless, as an emotional day, a terrible judgement call and a plan going up in smoke all lead to the feistiest Tribal Council in Survivor South Africa history.

Reasons why you don’t want to miss Episode 13:

  • Sworn enemies go head-to-head in the challenges, fueled by rage and vengeance.
  • Do Hidden Immunity Idols grow on trees?
  • The castaways show their true colours after a season-defining reward.
  • A major disagreement stems from a decision, a dither, a flip and a confession – all by a single castaway.
  • One castaway’s paranoia starts to get under alliance members’ skin.
  • Who will become the 15th Castaway to be voted out of the game and onto the Jury?

Survivor South Africa: Immunity Island is produced by Afrokaans, in partnership with the Eastern Cape Development Corporation (ECDC) and hosted by Nico Panagio. Catch each exciting episode on M-Net (DStv Channel 101) on Thursdays at 19:30. Visit the M-Net Website for exclusive show content and join the conversation on TwitterInstagram and Facebook using #SurvivorSA and #MNet101.