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Immunity Island explained – Survivor SA

03 June 2021
What exactly happens on this island?
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Images: Charlie Sperring and Peter Russell

by Jan-Hendrik Botha

This year, Immunity Island is introduced as a very important element of the game, and will play a crucial role in season eight of Survivor SA. After each Immunity Challenge, the winning tribe will choose one castaway from the losing tribe to go to Immunity Island.

At the island, that castaway automatically receives an Immunity Island Necklace. This necklace serves as an Individual Immunity Necklace, but there's a twist to receiving it (read on to find out why).

Furthermore, the castaway sent to Immunity Island will have a choice: either stay and play or give up and go.

Stay and play:
Choosing to stay and play, the castaway will have to take part in a timed challenge. If they win, they will receive an advantage in the game. Should they lose, repercussions follow. 

After completing the challenge, they will join their tribe again, but only at Tribal Council. Here, though guaranteed safety from the vote, they themselves will not be able to vote.

Give up and go:
Should the castaway decide to give up and go, they will immediately return to their tribe taking the Immunity Island Necklace with them. 

At Tribal Council, they will be able to vote, but they will not be able to use the Immunity Island Necklace as Individual Immunity for themselves. Before going to the vote, however, they will be able to bequeath the Immunity Island Necklace to someone else. This person will then have Individual Immunity. 

For some being sent to Immunity Island might be a blessing whereas for others it might be a curse.

Find out who will be sent to the Immunity Island by tuning in on M-Net, channel 101, Thursdays at 19:30. Join the conversation on Twitter, Instagram or the Survivor Facebook Page by using the hashtag #SurvivorSA.