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Survivor South Africa

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Food, fabrications and fallacies – Survivor SA

22 June 2021
Amy has a dilemma, food is scarce, mistrust prevails, and more reasons to watch episode 4!
Scary skull: Survivor SA: Immunity Island

During last week’s episode of Survivor SA: Immunity Island, Amy lost the Immunity Island challenge after opting to ‘stay & play’, giving Vuna the right to raid Zamba’s camp and demand three items of their choice. The loss leaves Amy with a dilemma: should she tell the truth and draw fire from her tribe, or concoct a lie to try to save her place in the game?

Reasons why you don’t want to miss Episode 4:

  • New power players emerge, with one Castaway skillfully playing ‘double agent’.
  • Food becomes a bone of contention, with resources scarce.
  • Survivor medics rush in to treat a Castaway who breaks out in blisters and drops to their knees as they struggle to breathe.
  • It’s open warfare at one divided tribe as the factions can’t hide their mistrust of each other.
  • Brawn prevails at one challenge - but failing to pair it with brains at another costs one Castaway, dearly.
  • A decision at Immunity Island may just change the direction of the game yet again. 
  • Will someone play an Idol at Tribal Council, and whose torch will be snuffed? 

Survivor South Africa: Immunity Island is produced by Afrokaans in partnership with the Eastern Cape Development Corporation (ECDC) and hosted by Nico Panagio. Catch each exciting episode on M-Net (DStv Channel 101) on Thursdays at 19:30. Visit the M-Net Website for exclusive show content and join the conversation on TwitterInstagram and Facebook using #SurvivorSA and #MNet101.