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Survivor South Africa

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An ill Wild Coast wind blows – Survivor SA

06 July 2021
And it blows nobody any good in the next Survivor SA.
Qieän, Tyson and Kiran try stay warm on Survivor SA

The powerful feelings stirred up at last week’s Double Tribal Council are matched only by the ferocity of the Wild Coast weather on this week’s episode of Survivor South Africa: Immunity Island (Thursday 8 July, 19:30 on M-Net). 

One Castaway is on the war path to exact revenge, while another is left vulnerable after losing their advantage. An act of kindness goes a long way and some Castaways from the bottom of the food chain suddenly find themselves atop it after a dramatic twist.

Reasons why you don’t want to miss Episode 6:

  • The harsh weather adds an additional element of danger to a challenge, turning a difficult game into a nightmare for some Castaways.
  • One tribe takes pity on another – but is their decision compassionate or strategic?
  • A visit to Immunity Island puts a serious spanner in the works.
  • The hunt is on for a Hidden Immunity Idol, which could change the game for more than one Castaway. 
  • The winds of change blow strong, fanning the flames at a turbulent Tribal Council.

Survivor South Africa: Immunity Island is produced by Afrokaans, in partnership with the Eastern Cape Development Corporation (ECDC), and hosted by Nico Panagio. Catch each exciting episode on M-Net (DStv Channel 101) on Thursdays at 19:30. Visit the M-Net Website for exclusive show content and join the conversation on TwitterInstagram and Facebook using #SurvivorSA and #MNet101.