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A tale of four flames – Survivor SA

08 September 2021
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Images: Charlie Sperring and Peter Russell

This week, the 15th Tribal Council is looming large ahead of the remaining four castaways. One more vote will determine which of Anela, Chappies, Nicole or Tyson will contest the final next week – and who will be listening to final pleas from the jury bench.

It’s anyone’s game – but can Anela, Nicole or Tyson snap Chappies’ four consecutive Immunity Challenge-winning run to give themselves a huge boost in fighting for the title of sole Survivor and the money that comes along with it?

Playing on all their minds throughout an epic challenge is the thought that the fierce competitors they’ve outwitted, outplayed and outlasted this season are watching their game from the jury bench, so every move needs to be calculated towards swaying their opinions. Some incendiary new information comes to light at this week’s Tribal Council that will shock the jurors and change the game for the castaways.

Here’s the four remaining castaways’ summary of where they stand in the game, so close to the final, in their own words:

Anela: “If I’ve made others believe that I was with them when I wasn’t, then that’s a social game I can hang a win, on.”

Chappies: “I am the ultimate Survivor because I won the game way before it started. I’m not driven by fear, fame or fortune. I’m driven by the power within to cause waves of impact. If all my journey did was to inspire one soul, I count it as a win. Outwit, outplay, outlast, but more importantly, outgrow.

Nicole: “Staring my Survivor journey, I knew I wanted to play a game true to myself and my character. Playing a game with honesty and integrity was important to me. I deserve to be the sole Survivor because I played my heart out, always showed up, giving 1 000% and, most importantly I got this far whilst staying true to who I am and what I stand for. I hope to prove that you can win this game with an honest resumé.”

Tyson: “My resumé’s more decorated than a Christmas tree.”

Find out what Nico has to say about Kiran being voted out and our four remaining castaways:

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