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Survivor Season 7 Highlights


Ponderosa: Steffi – Survivor SA S7 Image : 7276
Ponderosa: Mike – Survivor SA S7 Image : 7247
Ponderosa: Mike – Survivor SA S7Mike becomes the eighth member of the Survivor SA: Island of Secrets jury and chats with the other Jurors about what went down and how to move forward.
Ponderosa: Jacques – Survivor SA S7 Image : 7209
Ponderosa: Jacques – Survivor SA S7Jacques joins his compatriots at the Jury Villa – and we get an inside look at what the Jury are discussing. And yes: Jacques washes his hair!
Ponderosa: Mmaba – Survivor SA S7 Image : 7176
Ponderosa: Mmaba – Survivor SA S7As she becomes the sixth member of the Survivor SA: Island of Secrets jury, Mmaba’s biggest takeaway from her experience is her idol!
Ponderosa: Cobus – Survivor SA S7 Image : 7150
Ponderosa: Cobus – Survivor SA S7Cobus is the fifth castaway to head to Ponderosa in Survivor SA: Island of Secrets and is still a little shocked as he fills in the other Jurors on what’s been happening on the island.
Ponderosa: Dante – Survivor SA S7 Image : 7122
Ponderosa: Dante – Survivor SA S7Dante reunites with mate Meryl at the Jury Villa, comes clean about stealing the flint, and seems to have curried some favour with Geoffrey and Seipei.
Ponderosa: Seipei – Survivor SA Image : 7099
Ponderosa: Seipei – Survivor SASeipei is genuinely impressed at the blindside that took her out of SurvivorSA: Island of Secrets and made her the third member of the jury. But she seems to have already picked a winner...
Ponderosa: Geoffrey – Survivor SA Image : 7098
Ponderosa: Geoffrey – Survivor SAOnce he gets over the initial shock of being voted out of Survivor SA: Island of Secrets and into the Juror Number 2 spot, Geoffrey is soon able to distance himself from the game and take heed of the lessons learned on the island.
Ponderosa: Meryl – Survivor SA Image : 7097
Ponderosa: Meryl – Survivor SAMeryl is the first member of the Survivor SA: Island of Secrets Jury and, once she’s showered, eaten, brushed her teeth and had a “starfish sleep”,is ready to get down to the business of choosing the Sole Survivor.
Ponderosa: Steffi – Survivor SA S7

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