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When Tribal Council becomes Trouble Council… – Survivor SA

08 August 2019
Survivor SA: Island of Secrets is getting even more intense!
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Nine castaways are still playing the local version of the greatest game on earth in M-Net’s Survivor SA: Island of Secrets. Last week, they got rid of physical threat Aquaman Danté in the hopes that he would not annihilate them at Immunity Challenges. But if you expected no more temper tantrums with Danté taking a spot on the jury, there are major surprises awaiting you.

Cobus and Jacques are not happy that they are always kept out of the loop about how the votes will be going in what is just a prelude to a big blow-out later in the episode. So, rest assured, Tribal Councils are just going to get worse in the days to come! And, there will be sore hearts and red eyes with the usual island family visit drawing closer.

At this week’s Reward Challenge, host Nico Panagio also announces another twist. This time, the castaways can choose what they’re playing for: a delicious meal, a letter from home, or an advantage in the game. Which reward will they choose and will it be enough to boost their spirits for the all-important Immunity Challenge which will safeguard them from the vote at Tribal Council?

Unfortunately, all the conniving at camp and some personality clashes cause all kinds of trouble at Tribal Council.  Will there be another blindside? And if yes, what will the jury’s response be? In the end, these ousted Tribal Council witnesses will pick the Sole Survivor and, judging by their whispers and frowns, they are not a happy bunch.

The sneaky Survivors who all hope to stay in the game for another day are Jacques, Steffi, Rob, Nicole, Durāo, Cobus, Mmaba, Laetitia and Mike.

Nine are left, who will be voted out next?

Survivor South Africa: Island of Secrets is screened on M-Net every Thursday at 19:00. It will also be available on DStv Catch Up.

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