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Two Tribes to become one on Survivor SA: Island of Secrets

10 July 2019
And how will Rob react to the end of his bromance?
Survivor SA S7 Ep 9 preview

At the end of last week’s dramatic episode of Survivor: SA Island of Secrets, viewers saw how host Nico Panagio told the Tribes to drop their buffs… again! As Nathan predicted, Sa’ula and Ta’alo would become one this week. It’s time for the much-awaited Merge!

To celebrate the big event, the castaways will enjoy the traditional and spectacular Merge feast, but the good times on the island will be short-lived. Now that it’s an individual game, the alliances are under pressure and what ensues is a  scramble for power.

It’s anyone’s guess what will happen to all the different alliances and friendships formed in the season so far. They are:

  • The Spit Shakers Seven formed at Ta’alo just last week:  Rob, Steffi, Cobus, Jacques, Laetitia, Seipei and Mike. Seven strong – but is it all just a fairytale-like Rob said?
  • The Amigos: Rob, Steffi, Nicole and Seipei. This alliance was formed on the very first day, but are they as solid as they thought, considering Nicole’s blindside of former Amigo and brother Nathan?
  • Geoff, Mmaba and Mike: The formidable pair (Geoff and Mmaba) are playing a strong social game, but it seems to be irking players like Danté. Let’s not forget that Geoff was the mastermind behind blindsiding Nathan and getting Meryl to flush out her Idol. Will Mike still stick to this alliance?
  • Tarzan and Jane (Danté and Meryl): After last week’s Tribal Council, neither of the two are in good books with their former Sa’ula Tribemates. Will the word of their dirty games be shared at Merge?
  • Misfits: Durāo, Seipei and Jacques. Are they still a thing?

And who holds advantages that could strengthen their individual game?

  • Nicole: One Hidden Immunity Idol (half of Nathan’s and half of hers) which they received at the Island of Secrets
  • Durāo: Received a hidden Immunity Idol at the Island of Secrets that is only valid for the next Tribal Council to secure himself into Merge
  • Rob: One Hidden Immunity Idol, which the Amigos found under the Sa’ula well.
  • Jacques: An extra vote for the first Tribal Council at Merge which he found in a bag of rice during the very first reward challenge and a hidden Immunity Idol which he found at the Laumei well.

This week the castaways will also be playing for Individual Immunity for the very first time. Who will have what it takes to endure to the end and win the coveted Immunity Necklace? And what will the Island of Secrets hold for its next outcast?

More reasons to watch this week’s episode.

  • The Big Betrayal. Nicole betrayed the Amigos last week by blindsiding Nathan. How will Rob react to her bold move? Will it put a target on her back forcing her to side with a new alliance?
  • More temper tantrums. Will an outspoken castaway be able to reel it in, in order to ensure safety at Tribal Council?
  • Tribal Council. The castaway that gets voted out this week becomes the very first member of the Jury on Survivor SA: Island of Secrets.
  • Pecking orders: A strong player has a game plan… and is no longer playing Mr Nice Guy

Thirteen are left, who will be voted out next?

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