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There’s trouble in paradise on Survivor SA: Island of Secrets!

03 July 2019
Personality clashes, temper tantrums and the Tribal Council no-one will forget!
Survivor SA S7 E8 preview

Last week, the castaways were delighted to drop their buffs when the three tribes became two tribes in Survivor South Africa: Island of Secrets. Little did they know, the changed social dynamics in Sa’ula and Ta’alo would interfere with their game plans and the obstacles in their way would press their buttons to elicit raw emotion. 

After the Tribal Shuffle, Sa’ula ended up with three pairs: Aquaman Danté and Meryl, Nathan and Nicole from the Amigos alliance and besties Geoffrey and Mmaba. Durāo, from the Misfits alliance, was the only odd one out, but quickly realised that he had to talk his way into an alliance. He gathered the best way forward was to share his insights and titbits about the castaways with his new Tribe. Was that the right move to win their trust?  Adding some drama to life at camp, Nathan added another injury to his ever-increasing list of wounds. He cut his hand while chopping a coconut!

At Ta’alo, the vibes changed when not even superman Rocco could save them from defeat at the Immunity Challenge. The big guys started gunning for each other and Mike found Seipei, who also held them back at the challenge, to be patronising.  Meanwhile 68-year-old grandma Laetitia did her best to play down the pain from the injury to her leg. It was not a good time to be seen as the weakest link. Luckily for her – the Tribe went for the exact opposite – to get rid of the game’s strongest physical player before Merge, sending Rocco home. His spot in the Tribe was replaced by Survivor SA’s own Lara Croft, Steffi, who returned from the Island of Secrets. Will she shake up the relationships developing between Mike, Rob, Cobus and Misfits Jacques and Seipei?

More reasons to watch this week’s episode.

  • Tribal Council. This season’s Survivors have not been holding back at Tribal Council, but this week they’re ripping into each other like never before.
  • Temper tantrums. It’s getting a little bit hot in the kitchen for one castaway. Another one breaks down in tears. 
  • Balancing acts, dropping balls and pulling or not-pulling weight. What’s physically happening at the challenges is spilling over into general behaviour on the island. But it’s never a good time to be seen as the one who is not living up to expectations.

Fourteen are left, who will be voted out next?

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