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The season’s best blindsides – Survivor SA

06 September 2019
Like Steffi, these castaways did not see it coming…
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Second-to-go Survivor Paul was booted from Sa’ula despite having shared his clue to a hidden immunity idol, giving Rob an immunity idol and Nathan’s clear injury and desire to go home. It was a big lesson – “Mr. Nice Guy” is not a great Survivor strategy, and a revelation: Steffi, Nicole and Rob were “Sa’ula strong” and starting to boss the game…

Ting Ting was out next – in a shocker. In clear and present danger, Jacques said he would play his idol for her. What happened next was jaw-dropping:

For some reason, Jacques played the idol – for himself! Her reaction said it all, really:

With Laumei struggling at a challenge Sa’ula were clearly trying to throw, Felix irked his fellow castaways with comments about Jacques:

And despite reassurances:

Laumei pounced.

Then, an injury-prone Nathan:

Was targeted by Geoff:

Who got a buy-in from Nicole, leaving Nathan baffled:

(And leaving Rob rather mad at Geoff).

Post-merge, and after talk at Tribal about a “puppet-master”, Rob took aim at Seipei:

He even managed to get her to give him her idol!

Mmaba thought she was safe, and Mike backed it up after being bluffed by the Amigos, so she failed to play an idol she’d literally just retrieved at Tribal Council, resulting in a nasty surprise:

Thinking he had a deep ally in Rob, Durao told Rob about Mike’s plan to blindside him:

Only for them both to realise about the existence of the Amigos at Tribal Council.

But Steffi’s blindside may just take the cake – it was EPIC!

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