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The king cuts the puppet master’s strings on M-Net’s Survivor SA: Island of Secrets

19 July 2019
It’s goodbye Geoff!
Survivor S7 Ep 10 exit Web BB

With seven votes against his name, cunning mastermind  Geoffrey Cooke-Tonneson (33) from Colenso in KZN  became the tenth person to be voted off Survivor SA: Island of Secrets and the second member of the jury who will pick the winner of the show at the end of the season.

Before tribes Ta’alo and Sa’ula had merged into Tribe Manumalo, Geoff pulled off a blindside of epic proportions. He orchestrated Nathan’s departure by convincing Nicole to break up the Amigos and have a stronger position after merge. At the same time, he pulled the wool over Danté and Meryl’s eyes, making them believe they were gunning for Meryl so that her paranoia would flush her Idol.

What he did not know, however, was that Tribe Manumalo would have a king with far more power – in the bulky form of Rob. And even though King Rob used Geoff’s vote late week to break up the bond between Meryl and Danté, Geoff’s name was next on the pecking order. Geoff was after all the one who tried to destroy the Amigos alliances by sending bro’ Nathan home.

Geoff got an early warning at last week’s dramatic Tribal Council, where he narrowly escaped being voted out. His saving grace in the current numbers game would have been to win immunity or to play on Nicole, Mike and Mmaba’s loyalty and win over Danté and Durāo when the opportunity presented itself when they spent time together at the spa. Unfortunately, Rob nabbed the Immunity Necklace.

And, when Danté proposed a plan to get rid of Nicole, Geoff refused to turn on one of his alliance members. Maybe he would still have been in the game if some of his former alliance members returned the favour! And did anyone consider that this mastermind could later create chaos on the jury bench?

How the episode played out: 


The Reward Challenge:

The castaways were divided into three teams of four. Each team was required to race through the obstacle course, collecting bags containing discs along the way. Once they got to the other side they had to fire those discs into a netted basket on a wooden slope. First Tribe to land 10 wins the challenge, and the reward of being whisked away to the Survivor Spa where they will get treated to an afternoon of pampering. The pampering included full-body massages, fresh showers and some decadent snacks like champagne and chocolates. Each of the four teams brought their A-game to win this challenge, with the Teal team (Rob, Mike, Jacques and Nicole) taking the lead, the Purple team (Danté, Mmaba, Durāo and Geoff) in second place and the Yellow team (Steffi, Laetitia, Seipei and Cobus) in last place. Teal was leading throughout the challenge until Rob lost his touch allowing Danté to catch up and swoop the win for his team.

The Island of Secrets:

Danté, Geoff, Mmaba and Durāo chose Jacques to go to the Island of Secrets after winning the Reward Challenge. Upon his arrival, Jacques was presented with an advantage that he had been waiting for – A Reward steal – which for Jacques meant that he needed to survive up until the loved ones Challenge, so he could see his wife! He was immediately overcome with emotion and found strength for his game.

The Individual Immunity Challenge:

The Manumalo Tribe were holding the breath in this challenge! Tasked to take position under a steel grid in the water, the tide will come in and the water level will rise and their space to breathe will become smaller until they’re struggling for air. The last person in place wins this challenge and Immunity, safe from the vote at Tribal Council. But – there was a twist – if someone in the Tribe felt safe, they could opt to sit out and watch as the others struggle for survival in this game while enjoying Nachos, with extra cheese, guacamole, sour cream, and a jug of margaritas! Jacques, Seipei and Cobus gave in to the temptation and sat the challenge out. Mmaba was the first to tap out of the challenge, with Geoffrey, Steffi and Rob being the final three remaining once again. In the end, Rob took the honours of Individual Immunity.

How Manumalo voted:

The Spit Shakers Seven (Rob, Steffi, Cobus, Jacques, Laetitia, Seipei and Mike) including Nicole and Durāo – who Rob pulled in to secure an overwhelming amount of numbers – voted for Geoff while Danté gunned for Nicole and besties Geoff and Mmaba put down Danté’s name.


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