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#SurvivorSA Talking points

29 June 2018
Four things that got Twitter chirping in our latest episode.
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Yoh, PK and Toni were taking strain – and Huawei Mobile noticed.

And then Nico stepped up with the iconic “drop your buffs” and Twitter was as happy as our castaways!


In answer to a question raised by some: yes, the Steers came all the way from Mzansi, and they even had their chef prepare it especially. And – to steal a phrase from a Steers competitor – you were loving it!

Steers were in on that action too.

And shout out to Jessica, who noticed this after the Steers feast.


He always gets a lot of chirp on Twitter, but even more so in this episode. First, there was the snooping…

Then there was his new alliance with Werner and co.

And finally, his middle finger to former or potential allies.


His physical prowess earned him an early target on his back in the new Araw tribe.

Tribal Council culminated in his exit from the game, and this and his “‘bang’ scared’ statement got y’all lit.

Finally, always remember: it’s a dogs’ life!

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