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#SurvivorSA: Merge talk is a hot topic

18 June 2018
Will there be more big moves as merge draws closer?

Last week saw the boldest move of this season of M-Net’s Survivor South Africa: Philippines so far, as PK blindsided alliance partner Tevin to send him home, guaranteeing a shock for Visayas and Luzon when they see the new-look Mindanao arrive at this week’s first challenge. What that does to the scattered ‘Mindanao Strong’ alliance members remains to be seen – and will it inspire members of the other tribes to make big moves of their own?

With just 11 Castaways left in the game, talk of when the merge will arrive is a hot topic. Having already seen the tribes shuffled, split and swapped over the last few weeks, the Castaways know that the only thing they can expect is the unexpected.

Josie was left counting her lucky stars when PK approached her about voting out Tevin last week, but she’ll have to work hard to drive a wedge between Toni and PK this week to save herself again, if Mindanao lose the Immunity Challenge and head to Tribal Council.

Tom knows the writing is on the wall for him at Visayas, too, after sensing that Chané has abandoned their alliance in favour of joining Vusi and Palesa. It was likely only Vusi’s refusal to ‘throw’ last week’s Immunity Challenge that kept the Adventure Camp Manager in the game, and he’ll have to work hard to repair the reemerging rifts at the yellow beach if he’s to have any hope of prolonging his stay in the game.

Tevin’s departure is going to give Luzon’s Werner plenty of food for thought – does he make his much-pondered move to cut Jeanne to improve the tribe’s chances at physical challenges, or does he work to remove newcomer Annalize to keep the tribe’s blood blue? Having two Immunity Idols in his bag will only keep him in the game if he doesn’t get blindsided by the women on the tribe, who outnumber him 3-1.

It’s hard to keep your enemies closer than your friends, when you’re not sure who’s who . . . Tune in to Survivor SA: Philippines this Thursday at 19:00 on M-Net 101 to see who dares.

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