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Survivor SA’s Aquaman sinks like a stone at Tribal Council

02 August 2019
Danté joins the headstrong, jilted jury.
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After winning three Reward Challenges in a row, 31-year old Danté de Villiers from Dwarskersbos, had a luminous target on his back in this week’s episode of Survivor SA: Island of Secrets. Not that he wasn’t on the hit list before! With his muscled body, love for the ocean, long flowing tresses and signature Speedo, Survivor’s very own Aquaman stood out as a physical threat from the start. His straight talk, lack of influence, Tarzan-like behaviour and occasional temper tantrums also counted against him. Since the arrival of the Tribal Merge, Danté’s days were numbered indeed!

And now, without having another Immunity Necklace as protection, the Tribe has finally spoken: Danté is the twelfth person to be voted off M-Net’s seventh season of Survivor SA and the fourth member of the jury to choose the Sole Survivor at the Final Tribal Council.

As one would expect from the likes of an Aquaman, Danté fought to stay in the game aggressively until the bitter end.  He tried his best to protect the weaker players in the tribe, which he coined the “loose change players” – those insignificant ten cents thrown in the centre of your car console each day which can add up to a lot of money at the end of the month. Unfortunately, his attempts to pull together these “loose change players” by inviting them to enjoy his rewards with them bombed out. As did his attempts to get them to vote of his own nemesis, Rob, when the opportunity presented itself last week.

In another catching analogy used at Tribal Council, Danté explained to host Nico Panagio that there were two types of players in the game – the type that is making the calls and the lapdogs who are following orders. The members of the jury were clearly not lapdogs! And, with Danté joining them now, there may be blood when they decide to bite back!

More reasons why fans won’t forget the incredible island Adventures of Survivor’s Aquaman:

  • His hangry outbursts. Before the Tribal Merge, Danté, was the one catching fish and feeding the tribe. If you didn’t contribute and just hung around conspiring, Danté would give you his two cents in swear words.  Just ask Geoff and Mmaba from Tribe Ta’alo, who he made peace with later after Merge and also invited to his spa treatment reward. Nicole also pushed his buttons more than once.

  • His every move at challenges. Danté gave it his all at each challenge. Pre-merge you wanted him in your tribe to avoid going to Tribal Council or get a hearty meal – and it was a feast to the eye to see that agile, sculptured machine moving forward. 
  • His sneaky moves. Remember how he stole the flint after the Tribe Shuffle to weaken Rob’s power? And how he retrieved the Hidden Immunity Idol for Meryl during the Bio-Strath Reward?
  • His friendship with Meryl. Together, they were dangerous players. Tribe Manumalo noticed their power straight after merge and decided to split them pronto, but by voting off Meryl first.

How the episode played out: 

The Reward Challenge:

An obstacle course that consisted of a series of elimination rounds. In the first round, the castaways need to manoeuvre a cylinder attached to a rope through a series of obstacles. The first six people to get to the other side continue to the next obstacle, where they are required to dig in a sandpit and retrieve twelve cylinders. The first three people to complete that round move onto the last part of the obstacle where they need to balance those cylinders on a tray, making their way across a balancing beam to reach the other side and solve a puzzle. Stealthy Danté was the first to complete the challenge and won an exotic Samoan cultural experience, choosing Mike, Mmaba and Laetitia to enjoy the reward with.

The Island of Secrets:

Danté had the honours of choosing who would be sent to the Island of Secrets, after winning the Reward Challenge. Durāo was the chosen one this week and was presented with the option of receiving an Immunity Challenge clue – at the cost of having no vote at Tribal Council. Looking after his interests, Durāo opted to take the advantage and not disclose the information to the Tribe, except for Rob.

The Individual Immunity Challenge:

For the first time since Merge, this weeks’ Immunity challenge was a mental challenge.  The castaways were shown a sequence of symbols, that they had to remember. The last person left displaying the right answer was Durāo – having had the advantage from the Island of Secrets – winning him immunity.

How Manumalo voted:

Danté was voted out with five votes against his name cast by Rob, Nicole, Cobus, Steffi and Jacques. Three votes were cast against Jacques by Mike, Mmaba and Laetitia and one against Cobus from Danté. Durāo had no vote due to him choosing the advantage at the Island of Secrets.

Survivor South Africa: Island of Secrets is screened on M-Net every Thursday at 19:00. It will also be available on DStv Catch Up.

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