Survivor SA

Survivor SA: Girls vs. boys

15 May 2018
Idols are in play and Mindanao’s boys feel threatened in this week’s episode of Survivor SA.

PHOTO: Tevin is scrambling to round up the boys after the emergence of a “girls’ alliance”.

Luzon’s latest setback – losing newly-elected captain Neil during a tie-breaking draw of rocks at their second consecutive Tribal Council – on the back of four straight challenge drubbings, has tanked their morale. With no food, a leaking shelter and no leader, it’s going to take a monumental effort to haul themselves back into the game. But will anyone put their hand up to take charge, after what happened to Neil?

WATCH: Snakes and sharks

Despite Mindanao’s strong showing in challenges giving them a stranglehold on the Tribal Immunity Idol and food for days, life at camp isn’t all roses. The emergence of a “girls’ alliance” has sent Tevin scrambling to round up the boys – including universal irritant Marthunis – to snuff out the threat.

The Hidden Immunity Idol clues which Palesa picked up and Werner ate come into play at a challenge this week – but will they be able to use their advantage, or will their eagle-eyed tribe mates be able to take the gap?

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Survivor South Africa: Philippines is also streamed live on DStv Now and available on DStv Catch Up within 24 hours of the live show. You can also catch the repeat on Sunday afternoons at 17:00 on M-Net Channel 101.

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