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Challenges, challenges, challenges – Survivor SA

28 June 2019
Let's look at some of the coolest Survivor SA challenges so far!
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Our castaways’ strength, focus, and instincts are often put to the ultimate test on Survivor SA: Island Of Secrets. The Survivors are always up for a challenge as they are extremely motivated by those ravishing rewards and, of course, immunity! Let's check some of the challenges the tribes had to face so far.

Blindfolded and Bound

On their very first day on the island, our castaways' instincts were put to the test. Completely blindfolded, they had to rely on their natural instincts, the voice direction of a fellow tribemate, and each other to source supplies for camp. The Survivors quickly learned to trust their instincts and how teamwork makes the dream work.

Heavy Duty

Pure strength was tested during this challenge and Tribal Immunity and goodies were up for grabs. The tribes had to hold up an extremely heavy bag of coconuts, that was attached to one of their tribe members, who had to build a tower with cups and balls. Laumei proved they could hold on onto their coconuts and walked away with the victory and some chickens!

Stuck in the Mud

The castaways literally got down and dirty to win immunity in this challenge, as well as a reward of awesome comfort items! Everyone navigated through the muddy obstacle course and ended up looking like swamp people. Sa'ula loved playing dirty and dominated the challenge, resulting in one sticky victory.

Memory Activated

The teams had to put their memory skills to the test with this one and match identical images. The reward was ever so sweet: Bio-Strath smoothies and, wait for it... a whole smoothie bar were up for grabs! Ta'alo proved that they're super focused and walked away with this smooth deal!

Step On It

Coordination and teamwork were put to the test as tribemates had to walk in union, keep their balance, and finish the obstacle course in hopes of winning tribal immunity. But that wasn't all! Those mouth-watering Steers ribs were up for grabs too! Ta'alo took all the right steps and excelled at the challenge – and who could ever forget their Steers ribs indulgence session.

Bag of Surprises

The first immunity challenge as new tribes brought in bags of surprises. The Survivors put their physical strength and teamwork to the test once again. Sau'la carried those bags with pride and came in first. Bonus points to Dante for that dive!

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