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22 June 2018
PK’s comeuppance, Tom’s ‘worm’, Josie’s exit – some of the things that lit up our timeline last night!
Screen Shot 2018-06-22 at 11.40.30

Our marketing manager had a great idea – of course (he is the marketing manager).

Miss T, as always, was amped.

Love ya, Leandra.

Judith… (But Jeanne went there, so hey…)

A great response to Bio-Strath’s island name challenge.

Snakes alive, this is funny!

Hi Joey!

Li’s mom was salivating.

Jeanne, making moments again…

Tom’s er, performance in the challenge amused.

Katinka’s faux pas also elicited LOLs.

Nande was tickled by Vusi.

Inga was moved.

He did, Inga…

Jessica had an important observation.

Bio-Strath just wanted to play.

Yoh, Lamar is out there with the Tom gifs!

Marian had a response to Werner saying he admired Annalize as a player.

Katinka and Vusi wowed in the challenges:

Sedzani had a theory that many others shared.

TurkishDelight took it a step further…


Lamar’s been paying attention – story here.

Sedzani: we fooled you.

Many will miss Josie.

Another cool pic from on-set photographer Trevor Crighton.

And finally, tweet of the week!

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