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Serial Survivor Josie meets her Tribal Council match

21 June 2018
Josie certainly led a charmed life on Survivor SA.
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Serial Tribal Council survivor Josie’s luck finally ran out on Thursday’s (21 June) episode of M-Net’s Survivor South Africa: Philippines as her sixth visit proved a bridge too far for her in the game. Having survived a rock draw in the second episode after two tied voting rounds and been voted out of Luzon – but not out of the game – during a surprise tribe swap in the sixth, her charmed torch was finally snuffed when she wasn’t able to break the contentious ‘Mindanao Strong’ bond between Toni and PK this time around.
Josie certainly led a charmed life on Survivor SA after repeatedly finding herself in the minority: first in her original Luzon tribe as the ‘Big Five’ took charge and again at the Tribe Shuffle in episode four when a former Mindanao majority moved across to Luzon. Expecting to go home during last week’s seventh episode, she won a reprieve when PK grew tired of Tevin dismissing his plans and he drew her into a new alliance with Toni, to send the Doctor home instead.
It seemed like she may have done enough to extend her stay in the game this week, after Toni and PK expressed their disappointment after the Tribal Immunity Challenge that the blue-blooded former Mindanao members in the other tribes were making them do all the hard work in forcing them to eliminate ‘reds’ single-handedly. With an eye on an impending Merge, Josie tried to sway Toni with information about how her long-standing alliance with Palesa and Vusi could help bring in alliance numbers, but it wasn’t to be.
The appearance of a Tevin-less Mindanao at the Reward Challenge sent shockwaves through the scattered ‘Mindanao Strong’ alliance, with the alliance members pondering which of Toni and PK had turned on him, or whether Josie was a stronger player than they thought. The ‘Snake’ Reward Challenge saw Visayas claim a Chocolate Feast back at camp, thanks to Tom deploying serious dance moves to earn them a lead and to Vusi for completing the final puzzle ahead of Luzon’s Katinka, with Josie unable to finish off the puzzle in time for Mindanao.
At Luzon, Werner bemoaned the fact that he’d spent more than half the game outnumbered by women, but declared that his role as a Pastor set him up as the man who understood women best, in the game. With Katinka coming out of her strategic shell and Jeanne talking to her and Annalize about protecting Werner long enough to keep him on the jury, his position seems relatively safe – especially bearing in mind that he has two Immunity Idols in his bag.
While celebrating their victory by gorging themselves on brownies, milkshakes, marshmallows and strawberries, Tom once more drew Chané’s ire with his eating habits, sending her off to the waterline to be sick and affirming her decision to side with Vusi and Palesa.
At the Tribal Immunity Challenge, Annalize and Chané sat out for their tribes, and immediately set about strategizing for the future as their tribemates toiled through a challenging obstacle course and a game of skill, under the hot Philippines sun. Chané revealed her alliance with Vusi and Palesa and corrected Annalize’s assumption that Tom had an Immunity Idol, putting an inter-tribal target on his back. In the challenge, Vusi again took charge and victoriously finished things off for Visayas for the third consecutive time, with Katinka securing second place for Luzon as PK struggled to find the dexterity required to keep Mindanao from losing their third Tribal Immunity Challenge in a row.
Tune in to Survivor South Africa: Philippines next week (Thursday 28 June, 19:00 on M-Net 101) to see if the castaways’ Merge hopes will be realised. Also make a note to catch the fun-filled YouTube episode of Survivor South Africa: Philippines #LiveAfter on the DStv Online YouTube page, where the voted-off castaway will be in conversation with host Phil Mphela each week.

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