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09 September 2019
Smoothie bars and Steers. Pizza and spa pampering. Family and feasts. Here are this season’s coolest rewards!
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In episode 4, a bottomless Steers feast had our castaways drooling:

In episode 5, Bio-Strath supplied a delicious smoothie bar.

It also provided Meryl with an opportunity to bag a hidden immunity idol – with some help from Dante:

In episode 6, the reward was less substantial but no less sweet – coffee and donuts!

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And when Laumei won, we got our first taste of Durao’s more-than-healthy appetite!

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In episode 8, the fight was on for pizza:

And Dante was NOT happy to be on the losing side:

Merge arrived with a massive feast from Steers!

In episode 10, a schoolyard pick produced an unlikely team – Dante, Geoff, Mmaba and Durao. And wouldn’t you know it, they won!

Their reward: a spa day where Dante began trying to unite the “loose change players”:

Dante won the next reward too – an exotic Samoan cultural experience including umu (hot rock-cooked food) and fire dancers – and opted to take Laetitia, Mike and Mmaba.

Here again, Dante tried to align with Mike and Mmaba – to no avail.

There were three rewards up next – food, a letter from home, or an advantage in the game:

Rob won the advantage, on the Island of Secrets, and got all three!

Next up, Steffi and Mmaba were sent to the Island of Secrets, and were greeted with a feast:

In the following episode, we enjoyed a rejigged Survivor auction, with treats including steak, cake, breakfast, biltong and beer, letters from home, and an advantage in the game:

Winning the advantage in the game, Steffi was sent to the Island of Secrets, where she found another feast, and her best friend Gina:

Remember: Jacques had a reward steal, and could have used it to see his wife on the Island before being voted out:

Then: family visit time and all of the tears!

Rob won, and elected to take Laetitia and Steffi:

And finally, most recently, (no surprises here) Rob won reward:

And chose to take Nicole on it – a visit to the Manono “bat” Island to enjoy a spread of decadent hotdogs and a range of beverages.

It wasn’t shown in the ep, but on the way there, Rob and Nicole had time for some snorkeling!

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Survivor is the greatest game on earth and also the toughest – these rewards were well-needed!

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