Survivor SA

Quitter hits Twitter

12 June 2018
Marthunis rubbed his tribemates the wrong way, and seemingly did the same on social media, plus great reactions to a twisted Tribal Council!

We suspect Sedzani is a member of the rabid /survivorsa Reddit crew, who rank the #SurvivorSA castaways each week.

Clearly a big fan…

As is Liezil.

Lamar dug out the ugliest gif we’ve ever seen.

Then slyly commented on Marthunis' less-than-PC utterances.

Miss T was ‘out’ in force.

This was not the ‘Survivor’ we expected from Destiny’s Child!

Bio-Strath was brilliant, as usual.

As was Steers.

And even Huawei were getting in on the gif action!

Claire had a compelling observation about Marthunis.

Jody was ‘Jacko’ excited about the developments at Visayas.

Thernji’s mouth – like all of ours – was watering during that Steers challenge.

Tom and Palesa’s win for Visayas got props from Sanga.

While Tom storming towards Mathunis, who’d been tuning him at the challenge, merely to shake his hand, shocked Jessica.

And got Logan joking.

Sedzani caught it on camera and reminded us that our #SurvivorSA editing team is top notch!

Caleb caught this on camera…

Claire was missing Zavion (so were we), and props to our own damn community management team!

Leo had an astute observation.

While Lamar was wondering…

Sedzani said it about Nico.

Sanga said it too!

While #TheVoiceSA’s Stacey Norman had a different take on our host.

Cape Union Mart were digging the double Tribal Council.

And Marian clearly loved the twist.

As did Marnus.

Terence Pillay enjoyed Tevin’s philosophical quotes.

As did Claire.

‘Bad for your heart, but good for your soul!’

Tyla = overwhelmed.

Linda = shocked.

Leandra E = overwhelmed.

And Miss T was out of breath!

Finally, for this week, Tevin’s moustache game…

Thank for tuning in and tweeting!

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