Survivor SA

Previewing the penultimate Survivor SA

03 September 2019
Here’s what we know about what’s coming up before our special two-hour live finale!
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Let’s decode the latest – Steffi is definitely mad with Rob after totting up votes at multiple Tribal Councils, asking, “Who made Rob the manager of writing down names?”

Idols are still in play. The Amigos – Rob, Nicole and Steffi – are holding two, and now Tannie Laetitia has one.

Yet, despite saying she wouldn’t tell anyone about it, she blabbed at the latest reward:

But she’ll consider using it in a bid to oust Rob – she’s concocting a plan with Steffi for the final three to be “Beauty queen, beauty queen and Granny.” And despite what many viewers might say, Rob is NOT a “beauty queen.”

Rob’s lack of stress here should be concerning for his fanbase – as Nico likes to remind us, this is Survivor and ANYTHING can happen.

There was open tension at the last Tribal Council as Rob’s questioning of Nicole rubbed her the wrong way:

And whatever happens with the Amigos, it’s clear Durao is now “on the outs”.

Here’s what we know from the next episode promo:

  • Nicole hopes that Rob won’t play his idol at the next Tribal
  • It is the last chance to play idols
  • The all-female trio of Laetitia, Steffi and Nicole are discussing what to do with idols – according to Laetitia, there are too many! As Survivor super-fans, we don’t believe this could ever be the case…
  • Rob can’t predict any problems – cue alarm bells, surely?
  • Despite this, the core four (Durao is the exception) seem to be concocting a plan to reveal idols at Tribal Council but NOT play them?

Whatever happens, this penultimate installment of the greatest game on earth – like the rest of the season – will be fire!

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