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“Pack your bags” can mean ANYTHING on Survivor SA: Island of Secrets

27 June 2019
Will there be a Merge, another Tribe shuffle or a surprise twist?
Survivor SA S7 Ep 7 preview

In the throw-forward at the end of last week’s episode, the three Tribes in Survivor SA: Island of Secrets – Laumei, Ta’alo and Sa’ula – were told to pack their bags. With all the twists and turns delighting fans in the seventh season of South Africa’s version of the greatest game on earth, this can mean anything!

Is it another Tribal Shuffle, now that three consecutive Tribal Councils cut Laumei down to three members only? Or will the much-anticipated merge take place with fifteen Survivors having to recalibrate their strategies and maybe become part of the jury?  Regardless of what is in store for the castaways, they all want to be the Sole Survivor and will have to stay on top of their social and physical performance.

More reasons not to miss a second of this week’s episode:

  • Alliances are under pressure. What will happen to the Amigos and the Misfits next? During the Tribal Shuffle the original Sa’ula Amigos were split up into different Tribes. They still used every opportunity possible, however, to affirm their loyalty and share information.Nathan and Robert whispered up a storm when they sat out for their respective Tribes during one of the challenges and Seipei persuaded Laumei to send Nicole and Nathan to the Island of Secrets last week, where they both received one part of a Hidden Immunity Idol. Emotional moments followed and to protect Nicole – who felt vulnerable in her tribe – Nathan offered her a lifeline, the full Immunity Idol. Back at camp Ta’alo, Nicole lied about the entire experience, but some tribemates have noted her acting talent. Seipei, however, is now also part of Laumei’s Misfits. Will that stand the Amigos in good stead or ruin their plans going forward?
  • Hidden Immunity Idols. At Laumei, Jacques still has his Hidden Immunity Idol as well as an Advantage after Merge. Meryl from Ta’alo found one at a challenge, and Nicole has hers. Expect some crazy lies and tricks around these precious objects in this week’s episode.
  • An injury. Getting hurt in Survivor often means going home. Yet, Nathan stayed after his – maybe questionable – foot injury. How will it go down when a new injury creates drama at a Tribe?
  • The Island of Secrets: Will this week bring about another advantage or an unnecessary exile?

Fifteen are left, who will be voted out next?

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