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Island style: #SurvivorSA’s game garments

19 June 2018
There are a few interesting fashion choices on Survivor SA island – here’s a squizz.
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The castaways all start the Survivor SA journey with just the clothes on their back (and a small bag containing beachwear and sensible challenge attire), but who dressed best for our little excursion into deception and deprivation?

Strangely, it wasn’t the ladies who wowed with their game garments – the likes of Chané, Toni, Katinka, Murishca, Jeanne, and Annalize – all went for practical and comfortable clothing that certainly wouldn’t be out of place in an outdoor specialty store. But as for some of the lads – here we go…


Ah, who could forget that suit! It certainly stood out and immediately marked him as someone to watch – Tevin, for one, could immediately imagine a target on the back of that jacket! The optics, as they say in politics, were intriguing, but on a practical level it may not be the worst idea: the suit would have kept him warm in the chilly evenings, and the necktie has all sorts of uses, from tying items at a campsite to strangling fellow castaways (we’re kidding: it was the other Survivors who sometimes wanted to do the choking!).

1529409539 28 screen shot 2018 06 18 at 10.05.17



We love what PK did – his workwear (the reflective green and yellow trousers worn by thousands of South African labourers; the heavy-duty boots) signaled both his background in mining engineering and his willingness to work hard. He capped it with Mzansi’s flag, a sign of patriotism and a useful accessory on a tropical island.

1529409725 28 screen shot 2018 06 19 at 13.12.36



Our doctor – given his marching orders in the last episode - was certainly well-groomed (for a #SurvivorSA moustache-hack, check the clip he did with DStv). Style-wise, he pulled off a formal shirt buttoned to the top with jeans or jean short, long socks (sensible and somehow stylish) and his trademark trilby hat.

1529410297 28 screen shot 2018 06 19 at 13.07.04


As for the Survivor women, a couple did display style that also illuminated their colours in the game.


Her more formal intro attire – jeans, a vest, and a sheer top adorned with flowers – didn’t make her look girlie, but rather regal and serious – less dinner party than ‘I’ll eat you for dinner.’ It certainly intimidated Katinka, who saw her as a player immediately!

1529409596 28 screen shot 2018 06 19 at 11.03.29



Our travel writer seems to know how to get away in style. We like the high-waisted shorts; the top is both on-trend and pragmatic; and she has a warmer grey top with an interesting asymmetrical zip and off-kilter collar that we love. Elegant hat too, girl – this is one stylish Survivor!

1529409638 28 screen shot 2018 06 19 at 12.29.11

1529409677 28 screen shot 2018 06 19 at 12.53.11


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