Survivor SA

Hot takes on another fire #SurvivorSA

01 June 2018
Your Twitter reactions to some brave plays, brash statements, and bold moves.

Former celeb castaway Zavion Kotze obviously forgot about his strong feelings on colour schemes with this gif.

Bio-Strath: on the ball.

Jody with a LOL.

Miss T was rooting for Josie.

Luzon’s comeback in the challenge had Jody quoting the second-best Survivor host in the world.

And Zavion was clearly relieved.

But yoh: on-set photographer Trevor Crighton had THE BEST pic from that challenge.

While Njabulo had to most LOL reaction!

Tevin and PK – and their bromance - got a lot of attention.

Our various partners were playing nice!

Tom and Palesa’s disagreement had folks digging for memes.

Or shamelessly plugging their products!

Tribal Council was always going to be a banger.

Did Palesa throw that challenge just so she could fetch her Immunity Idol?

And did Tom even need to play his?

#TheVoiceSA’s Karen Zoid was tuned in.

While Murishca’s exit was sad, her eyes for Nico amused!

She wasn’t the only one…

And finally, a round of applause from Drake. Sorry: Zavion!

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