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GIF us this moment – Survivor SA

14 June 2019
Last night’s #SurvivorSA was jam-packed, and for every incident y’all on Twitter have a GIF for that!
Screenshot 2019-06-14 at 14.53.01

Here are some of the most notable.

When Zavion is seemingly marooned on an Island of Silence:

When Durao opens his mouth:

When two amigos are on the sidelines of a challenge conferring

When it’s a multiple-choice challenge:

When it’s time for those Bio-Strath smoothies:

When Meryl spots a clue:

When Geoff chooses the sweets:

And then lies about there being a third option on Island of Secrets:

When Dante comes back from a swim:

When Jacques just can’t solve that puzzle:

When Meryl tells Ta’alo about the immunity idol:

And when Felix is blindsided:

Thanks for playing such a great GIF-game – ‘til next time!

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