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Epic blindside topples Tevin In Survivor SA: Philippines

14 June 2018
Mindanao puppetmaster Tevin had his strings surprisingly snipped on M-Net’s Survivor South Africa: Philippines in the biggest blindside of the season, so far.
Survivor SA Tevin Exit

At this week’s Tribal Council, the 24 year-old Medical Doctor collected votes from all three other Mindanao tribe members to become the 6th castaway to be eliminated from the game.

While Mindanao comfortably won this week’s Reward Challenge and celebrated Josie’s birthday with their prize pizza feast, they were a distant third to Luzon and Visayas in the Tribal Immunity Challenge to book themselves an appointment with Nico Panagio at Tribal Council.

Confident in the strength of his alliance, Tevin even kicked off Tribal Council by telling Nico it was a bittersweet night as they’d grown fond of Josie but that they had to ‘keep their blood blue’. It was only when PK started talking about ‘making a big move’ and turned to Josie and Toni to ask: “Guys, what are we doing?” that Tevin sensed blood in the water and tried to steady the ship by talking about the importance of timing a big move, right. His last-gasp grasp for control was in vain though, as his closest ally PK, ‘Mindanao Strong’ cohort Toni and newcomer Josie sealed his fate with a landslide blindside. As he departed, he couldn’t help but marvel at the scale of the blindside and congratulated his fellow tribe members on pulling it off.

The seeds of Tevin’s demise were sewn when he vetoed yet another one of PK’s ideas about shaking things up, back at camp. Unhappy at being shot down again, PK went to Toni to test new alliance waters with her, telling her that Tevin was nervous about her relationship with Werner. Sensing that he needed reassurance, she told him about Werner’s second Hidden Immunity Idol at Luzon, immediately winning him over and pitting him against his closest ally. When they approached Josie to oust Tevin, she couldn’t believe her luck after thinking there was no way to drive a wedge between the long-time Mindanao members.

While this big blindside was orchestrated at Mindanao, the plot also thickened at the other two Survivor SA tribes in the Philippines.

At Luzon, Werner was unhappy to have Jeanne openly talking strategy in front of new member Annalize on their first night as a new tribe. Uncomfortable at being outnumbered 3-1 by women in the tribe, separated from his ally Toni and with memories of the ‘girls alliance’ from the original Mindanao fresh in his mind, he thought that the two Hidden Immunity Idols he had in his bag may need to be used sooner, rather than later.

Despite last week’s Immunity Challenge win seemingly offering a new ‘Kumbaya’ dawn at Visayas, Tom’s behaviour in camp and the way he barks orders at challenges has driven a fresh wedge between himself and Chané, Palesa and Vusi. The trio even discussed ‘throwing’ the Immunity Challenge to send him home, but Vusi was against it – though he did say the Adventure Camp Manager would be the first to go when Merge came around. Tom felt the change in atmosphere and quizzed Chané about it, but she brushed off his concerns.

At the Tribal Immunity Challenge – which saw the castaways having to swim and dive to untie 15 submerged buoys and then shoot 10 into a hoop on the beach – Visayas took a big lead from the outset, with Luzon close behind. Despite arriving on the beach first and having Vusi firing in his first few hoop shots, Visayas’ lead was quickly cut when Luzon’s Katinka stepped up and banged in buoy after buoy to win the challenge. With the pressure off thanks to Mindanao floundering in the water, Vusi calmly slotted his last few buoys to claim second place for his tribe – buying Tom an extra few days and unwittingly printing Tevin’s ticket home from Mindanao.

Tune in to Survivor South Africa: Philippines next week (Thursday 21 June, 19:00 on M-Net 101) to see if Tom can win back some ground at Visayas, and what the original ‘Mindanao Strong’ bloc will think when they spot the Tevin-less tribe at their next challenge.

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