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Dirty games on Survivor SA: Island of Secrets

30 May 2019
There’s more than one way to outwit, outplay and outlast the other players on the world’s greatest game, but this week the conniving castaways from M-Net’s Survivor SA: Island of Secrets are really getting down and dirty – on different levels.
Survivor SA S7 Ep 3 preview

In the messiest challenge of the season so far, members of the three Tribes have to make their way through a mud obstacle course. The winners and runners-up will secure Tribal Immunity as well as much-needed creature comforts for their camps. The losers, though, will have a date with host Nico Panagio at Tribal Council.

Will the warriors of Tribe Sa’ula finally manage to end their losing streak? After three defeats in a row and having to say goodbye to two Tribe mates at two consecutive Tribal Councils, Sa’ula is now only five members strong, while Tribes Laumei and Ta’alo still have seven each. It’s make or break for Sa’ula. But remember, they voted off two physically strong players and Nathan is suffering from a foot injury.

Win – or lose – the Island of Secrets will be another game-changer for one of the Tribes this week. Who will be sent to the island? By whom? And, will leaving their camp provide a life-line or cripple their game plan?

More reasons not to miss a second of this week’s episode:

  • The dirty games go far beyond the challenge. New moves may just put pressure on some alliances.
  • In Ta'alo, Jacques found the Hidden Immunity with Cobus’s clue, without telling his trusted friend. Will he be able to keep his new-found treasure a secret?
  • Will the chickens in Tribe Laumei be providing eggs – and eggs only?
  • Someone is getting a new hairstyle!
  • And, what happened to Sa’ula’s flint?

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