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Animal instincts kick in on M-Net’s Survivor SA: Island of Secrets

31 July 2019
The fight for survival is getting ruthless and primordial among the ten remaining castaways in M-Net’s knockout reality show Survivor SA: Island of Secrets.
Survivor S7 Ep 12 Preview

Now that they have slaughtered their Mother Hen Seipei – in a spectacular blindside – it’s anyone’s guess who will bite the dust next.

As the game progresses, the snakes and chameleons are showing their true colours, but there’s also a wolf in sheep’s clothes and a one-trick-pony that wants to give his opponents a kick in the teeth!

While Danté has been stocking up on protein and other delectable treats by winning three Reward Challenges in a row, some of the other players urgently need fuel in their bellies to perform at their best at the challenges – and stop the Aquaman from winning. 

Up for grabs at this week’s Reward Challenge is a Samoan cultural experience, which includes an island food feast, fire dancers and a comfortable sleepover in a traditional Samoan hut, called a Fale.

Then, for the first time since merge, the Immunity Challenge is a mental – and not a physical – game. Whose memory will save him or her from a snuffed torch and joining the jury?

More reasons to watch this week’s episode.

  • Immunity Idols. There’s another attempt to flush an Idol.
  • Island of Secrets. The Island of Secrets has become renowned for its twists, but this week’s surprise is a unique brain-teaser.
  • Tribal Council. With the jury growing, the castaways have to weigh their words.

Ten are left, who will be voted out next?

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