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An analysis of alliances and power players – Survivor SA

19 July 2019
Nicole labeled him “King Rob” – is he bossing the game right now?
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It seems Rob is ruling the roost on Survivor SA right now. It’s telling that the last two tribal council votes have gone exactly to his plan, and that when Geoff sensed the writing was on the wall for him, he had to approach the player Nicole called “King Rob”.

As Nicole points out in this clip, not only does Rob have an immunity idol, but he’s winning immunity too. Even Geoff’s “ride or die” Mike ended up voting with Rob against his friend.

Rob is a cornerstone in a couple of alliances. There’s “The Spitshake Seven”, the Ta’alo members who vowed before merge to vote out others before themselves. This crew includes Seipei, Mike, Cobus, Laetitia, Jacques and Steffi.

While he wrote it off at the time, professing that it’d all change after merge, he is using these numbers, and he has welcomed Nicole ­– from his previous Sa’ula “Amigos” alliance – into the fold. Cannily, he’s also cultivating relationships with Mike and Durao, his “new soldier”.

As Geoff said, Rob seems to be running the show, and with him gone, Mmaba is now an outsider, and while Mike is liked by Rob, he too has one less ally. They may well think about that unlikely alliance with Danté.

And from the looks of next week’s promo, that might well be the case!

Danté has lost his major ally in Meryl and has not had much support at either two merged tribal councils. But he still has some assistance – outside of the Seven, he has decent relationships with Cobus, Laetitia and Jacques (although the latter suggested in the latest episode that he would withdraw this at one of the next two tribal councils). But Danté is a physical threat and could go on an immunity run.

Jacques is necessarily sitting pretty in terms of allies, but he hasn’t been targeted yet, despite being a formidable player who’s nabbed two immunity idols (foolishly playing one) and now has a reward steal, so prepare for one castaway’s reward to be ruined soon!

As Nico noted in last night’s tribal council, “There seems to be one big alliance in this tribe, and someone is at the top – the rest of you are at the bottom,” and it’s likely he was referring to Rob, who enjoyed plenty of screen-time in the show.

The one dark horse in the equation is “Mother Hen” Seipei. She’s been relatively quiet, but she is consulted on everything, and she still has a semblance of an alliance with the Laumei “Misfits”, Jacques and Durao.

But she doesn’t have the ability to win immunity like Rob – the other players would do well to keep a beady eye on both.

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