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Super Scary Supernatural Episodes

30 June 2020
Our top five scariest episodes of all time!
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For fourteen seasons Dean and Sam have taken us through one hell of a scary journey. There were plenty of spine-chilling, cover-your-eyes moments as they fought off ghosts, demons, witches, and various other dark forces from the supernatural realm. The fifteenth and final season is underway, and in honour of saying goodbye to these badass brothers, we're looking at our top five scariest episodes.

1. Scarecrow (Season 1. Episode 11.)

Which die-hard Supernatural fan could forget this chilling episode? Dean and Sam arrive in a small town to investigate the mysterious disappearance of several young couples that have passed by. The result of their investigation brings them face to face with a terrifying and deadly scarecrow that the locals worship! We don't know about you, but if some creepy townspeople wanted to feed us to a hungry stick man, we'd be catching the first bus outta that dark town ASAP!

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2. Playthings (Season 2. Episode 11.)

An old hotel, porcelain dolls, and an imaginary friend are what nightmares are made of. In this extremely creepy episode, the brave brothers stumble on an eerie inn where death is the only thing served on the menu. Who's to blame for these killings? Well, it turns out that the owner's daughter's imaginary friend is actually her other daughter...who is deceased! She's haunting the family and will kill for a playmate. We know! iI's a lot to take in! P.S. We're never playing with dolls again, ever!

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3. Home (Season 1. Episode 9.)

This time around Dean and Sam find themselves heading back to their hometown to fight off a deadly poltergeist. This included some creepy toy monkeys and everything that goes bump in the night...what fun! Guest star Loretta Devine shines in this episode as a psychic trying to help the brothers exorcise the spirit. It's also a rather emotional episode as Sam and Dean encounter their mother's spirit who eventually sends the evil poltergeist packing!

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4. Bloody Mary (Season 1. Episode 5.)

The terrifying tale of Bloody Mary comes to life in this bone-chilling episode. Mary is no myth and is killing teenagers who dare to summon her spirit in front of their mirrors. The episode pays homage to pretty much every '90s teen horror and had us screaming, "don't do it!" Well, no mirror...we mean, no case is too scary for Dean and Sam as they take on this vengeful spirit.

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5. Asylum (Season 1. Episode 10.)

An abandoned and haunted asylum set the tone for one horrific experience. Dean and Sam are wrapped up in a deadly game of "the madness of the mind" as dead patients roam the spooky hallways in hopes of redemption. Everything about this episode is terrifying as the brothers have to fight off those eerie ghosts out for blood and face a doctor with a deadly obsession for sinister mind games!

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The Winchester brothers take on the dark forces one last time in season 15 of this critically acclaimed and chilling series. Catch Supernatural season 15 from 10 July at 20:00 on M-Net City.