Surviving a horror movie scenario 🙀

26 October 2021
The spooky season is upon us. And this is how you can save your own life.
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Halloween, the last day of October, is steadily gaining traction in South Africa. You know, the parties, décor, costumes, fake spider webs, and scary looking snacks. 🎃 It is a thing now.

Outside of parties, there is always an option of having a horror movie marathon, if you’re not a sensitive viewer of course. And what if people do ever find themselves in a horror movie scenario? Who would make out alive? Who would succumb first? Who would the villain be?

What we do know, though, is what not to do in such a setting, courtesy of endless films that keep everyone on the edge of their seats, biting their nails, hiding under the duvet, or shrieking out loud. There are those few who will simply LOL. Perhaps they have tougher skins than others.

1. Do not use an Ouija board. Under no circumstance. Do not tinker, look, dust, or move it. Just nothing. Why? You’ll never know what malevolent spirit you will invite into your life.

2. There is always that one alleged haunted house 👻 in any neighbourhood, even an area or vicinity or ­– blimey – a graveyard. Here’s a tip: never ever venture into those places. 

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3. So maybe you and your friends did venture into that one notorious spots, for the love of all things good, stay in the group. Strike two is venturing off alone. Do you know where that would get you? Maimed, possessed, or even killed. Stay. In. A. Group.

4. If you love the sun and basking in its glory, then do not venture into any dark woods or alleys. That’s because you will probably never see the sun again.

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5. Throw out strange dolls from your house or anything that gives you bad vibes. 🎎 You know the one, the one who’s eyes follows your every movement. From Chucky to Annabelle, learn these lessons people.

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6. Sure, clowns are fun at a kids party. The jokes, big goofy shoes, and colourful clothes. 🔫 Yet if Stephen King’s It thought us anything, clowns can have a dark side. Ensure you always keep them happy and joyful to avoid their killer side. 

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7. If the villain is unconscious/dead, don't go and see if they are still alive. Do not go near the body at all. Rather take the opposite direction. Please!

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8. When you’re home alone and hear a creepy sound, do not venture toward it. Rather stay put, stay safe, and investigate it in the morning. In all likelihood, it might have been Fluffy the cat; or Buddy the dog doing what they shouldn’t. But at night, it might just be something more sinister.

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