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FAQs: All you need to know!

02 September 2015
We know you have a lot of questions that need answers so let's hope we've answered yours in our frequently asked questions.
Power Couple

What is Power Couple?

Power Couple is an exciting new prime time reality show. It is for adventurous couples who are confident in themselves and believe that their relationship and knowledge of each other’s strengths and weaknesses can turn into a lot of money. In this game, the winning couple’s relationship, and how much they’re willing to bet on it, determines the size of the prize. In the show, 8 couples will live together in a luxurious villa in Camps Bay, and will partake in some tough and spectacular challenges.

What will the challenges entail?

Before each challenge you will have to bet up to R50 000 on how well you think your partner will do in the challenge. There will be a Guys’ Challenge, a Girls’ Challenge, and one Couples’ Challenge each week. At the end of each week, the couple with the least amount of money in the kitty, along with the losing couple from the Couples’ Challenge, will be up for elimination. It is up to the other couples in the house to vote for which couple they want to stay, and who they want to send home.

Who can enter?

Any couple who are both over the age of 21 may enter.

Where will the series be filmed?

The series will be filmed in and around Cape Town. If you are not from Cape Town, the production team will cover your travel expenses to get to and from your place of residence and Cape Town for the duration of the shoot.

Will the contestants be filmed 24/7?

The contestants will be filmed for the whole day and sometimes into the evenings as well.

Will there be a Power Couple Extra channel?

No, there will not be a Power Couple Extra Channel. Power Couple will be broadcast once a week in prime time on M-Net Channel 101.

What is the prize money?

The prize money could total to over R1 Million. It all depends on how well the couples fair in each challenge.

Can couples contact their family/friends/social media while Power Couple is being filmed?

They will be allowed contact with family and friends during the filming of the show, but no access to social media. This is for reasons of confidentiality around the series before it is aired.

When will the winner be chosen?

The winning couple will be chosen in a live grand finale in December 2015.

Will contestants be paid to be part of the show?

Contestants will not be paid to be part of the show.

Who is producing the show?

The show will be produced by Afrokaans Media.

On which channels will it be?

It will air on M-Net Channel 101.

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