The WholeWeek Wrap with Daily Maverick (21 August 2023)

30 April

A new COVID strain makes headlines. But no need to stock up on wine and cigarettes just yet. Then, will government hand over secretive documents relating to COVID vaccine procurement deals? Wednesday is election day for Zimbabwe and things are off to a really bad start… Later, coalition government has a dismal track record in SA. But could the Moonshot Pact make a success of it? And there’s a lot of good news: from heroic ministers to employment figures, and a rising star… Carte Blanche Website (https://www.dstv.com/m-net/en-za/show/carte-blanche) · Chat on X (https://twitter.com/carteblanchetv) · Chat on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/carteblanchetv)
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