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10 January 2022
Don't let the holidays be over...

January may not be everyone’s favourite month as we drag ourselves back to work, lament the state of our bank accounts, and leave behind sun-kissed, carefree days. But M-Net will still be here to entertain and help you at least pretend you’re still on the beach.

The ever-popular franchise NCIS has launched another spin-off and this one is taking us to the shores of Hawaii. It’s hardly the first or only show or movie to take advantage of everything Hawaii has to offer. After all, Lost and Jurassic Park were both filmed there. And, of course, there are shows like Hawaii Five-0, Magnum P.I., and now NCIS: Hawai’i where the islands get to play themselves.

Hawaii is also not the only island to bring us action, drama, and romance. James Bond and Jack Sparrow have often taken us island-hopping, as does Survivor. If you want to forget that the holidays are over, here are a few island-based shows and movies on M-Net, DStv, and Showmax to help you forget.

Magnum P.I.
Rebooted with Jay Hernandez in the title role and a gender-flipped Higgins, the revived show stills delivers all the charm, action, and adventure of its ‘80s predecessor. The sunny islands play themselves with the action based mostly in Honolulu. The show exists in the same universe as Hawaii Five-0, and even though the latter show has ended you’ll still see characters from the series like Noelani, Kamekona, Flippa, and Duke pop up from time to time. Hawaiian shirts are also firmly in place, but don’t expect too many moustaches.

Catch up on Magnum P.I. season 3 with DStv here.

The White Lotus
This satirical dramedy is also filmed and set in Hawaii, and it's all about the holidays! The action takes place in a resort named White Lotus; but despite the sun, surf, and sunny guests things are not always picture-perfect. Oh, and fun fact? Show creator Mike White has some island experience, having been a contestant in the Fiji-based Survivor: David vs. Goliath. His show has been so well received, it's being turned into an anthology series, with the second season featuring a different set of holidaymakers in a White Lotus resort at another exotic destination. Another island, perhaps?

Stream The White Lotus season 1 on Showmax here.

Temptation Island South Africa 
Relationships are put to the test in this sizzling reality series. Last year, South Africa received its own rendition as four couples tested the mettle of their love. Did they make it or break it off? Filmed in Knysna, it may not have been an island but the gorgeous, ocean-fronted villas were not lacking in luxury and sun-drenched romance.

Stream Temptation Island South Africa on Showmax here.

James Bond
Remember what we said about James Bond and all those islands? From Corfu and Isla Mujeres to Nassau and the Faroe Islands, 007 has seen a lot of beaches, and a lot of babes on beaches. Perhaps most famous is Ursula Andress's bikini-clad entrance in Dr. No, filmed in Jamaica. In Casino Royale, filmed partly in the Bahamas, there was yet another lead showing off a hot bod; but instead of a Bond girl it was Bond himself, dripping and sexy as new man of mystery Daniel Craig stepped out of the ocean.

Watch Bond movies this January on M-Net Movies 3 channel 107.

Survivor SA: Immunity Island
OK, so the latest season of Survivor South Africa was not set on an island (thank you Covid), but it’s in the title and it’s the perfect show to get you back in the right frame of mind as you prepare to thrust yourself back into the rat race. And the Wild Coast’s wild weather will be a reminder that in many parts of the country, this summer's weather was not always that summery.

Stream Survivor South Africa: Immunity Island on Showmax here.

Happy January!