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My Kitchen Rules South Africa

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Retha & Tshepi

Retha (30) & Tshepi (29) | Globetrotters from Johannesburg

Sassy, energetic, socially conscious, and smart, friends Retha and Tshepi hail from Oaklands and Craighall, respectively. Tshepi is the planner and thinker while Retha hates losing.

“I taught myself how to cook. Learning recipes, especially when it comes to healthy food, is important to me,” says Retha. “Healthy food can be flavourful, but from there I was always curious about how far I could take my cooking. Acts of kindness is my love language, so wanting to cook for others definitely fuelled my interest in learning and growing my cooking skills”.

Tshepi learnt how to bake from her best friend and loves learning new things from her sister when she can. “I really enjoy exploring international recipes, specifically Mediterranean foods and Asian recipes. I use lots of vegetables: baby spinach, tenderstem broccoli, asparagus, mange tout, carrots, sweet potato, and cauliflower,” she says.

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