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My Kitchen Rules South Africa

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Azraa and Waven

Married couple Azraa and Waven entered MKRSA, having been huge fans of the show for years – and are now living their dream. Azraa is a baker and entrepreneur while Waven is a personal trainer. Having cultivated an interest in cooking since high school – where they also met and both studied hospitality – their shared food dream is to open an artisan bakery and café where they would make and sell fresh, quality baked goods, host special occasions, and teach others how to bake, decorate cakes, and cook.

Azraa loves peri-peri prawns and calamari, while Waven is a big fan of a mutton bunny chow. They say they cook with their hearts and only measure and weigh ingredients when they’re baking, preferring to feel and taste as they go along because they feel they know what good food should taste like.

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