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My Kitchen Rules South Africa

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Nevi & Craig

Nevi (48) & Craig (49) | Wife & Husband from Bedfordview

Nevi and Craig met in a coffee shop 20 years ago – and have been married for the last 12 years. He’s the director of a hospitality company and she owns an events company. While Nevi thrives under pressure, that’s when Craig gets flustered – but they still love hosting celebrations of every kind, with food normally at the centre.

“Craig and I find reasons to bring people and food together. Our kitchen is the life and soul of our home. Everyone seems to gather there, whilst meals are being cooked and desserts prepared – or dishes washed,” says Nevi. “Over the years, we have received countless compliments relating to our perceived talent, entertaining visits, and our food creations. A few people have suggested that we enter MKR and the current timing was perfect. For us there is always room for two in the kitchen – in fact, we renovated our kitchen to make this a reality. We’ve always been a team in the kitchen.”

Their food dream is to travel and experience the major food capitals of the world. “The first thing we do when settling in a foreign country is experience the culture and food,” says Nevi. “We want to engage and be involved with restaurants and eateries abroad and possibly start a blog of our encounters and experiences”.

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