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My Kitchen Rules South Africa

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Karen & Tenille

Karen (34) & Tenille (39) | Alberton Moms

Chatty, wholesome besties Karen and Tenille met through their husbands, who went to school together – and they’ve been inseparable for 16 years. Karen is a full-time mom with plenty of side hustles and Tenille is an optometrist.

“When life throws me lemons, I pour the tequila,” says Tenille of her positive outlook on life. What about her partner? “What’s not to love – she has a heart of gold and her nervous giggle is contagious”. The feeling is mutual: “We work well together and fill out each other’s blanks,” says Karen. “We test and encourage each other and help with whatever the other one needs. Tenille is an extremely positive person and will always find the good in any situation. She has taught me to take any situation and learn from it – and make it positive”.

They enjoy mixing Asian flavours with traditional fare but prefer sticking to their roots. Karen’s favourite ingredient is “butter, butter, and butter!”. She says she loves mixing meat with Asian staples like soya, sesame oil, chilli – and more butter.

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