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Coffee’s for closers: two duos head home

29 November 2021
Brett and Aidan from Fourways and Stella and Jeff from Ballito are eliminated
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A too-sweet coffee, chocolate & chilli sauce and an uninspired dessert saw Table 1’s Brett & Aidan (Dad & Son Buddies from Fourways) and Table 2’s Stella & Jeff (Mom and Son from Ballito) eliminated on last night’s (28 November) episode of My Kitchen Rules South Africa.

Randomly split into two groups and tasked with dreaming up and delivering savoury and sweet dishes, respectively, with Nespresso coffee as the hero ingredient, the eight remaining duos fought for their place in the competition – and the shot at the R1 million prize – in an outdoor elimination cook-off.

Scoring was done by the contestants after a blind tasting of the dishes to deliver a score out of 40, with the judges scoring each dish out of a combined total of 40, as well. The lowest-scoring duo in each category would be eliminated.

In the ‘Savoury’ group, Karen & Tenille opted to serve ‘Karoo Kreefies’ – sheep tails with Irish Coffee Cauliflower; Nevi & Craig set about preparing Coffee Spiced Lamb with Country-Style sides; Brett & Aidan went for Coffee-Rubbed Rib-Eye with potatoes, grilled asparagus, Altissio Chocolate & Chilli sauce and KB & Nadia hoped to impress with their Nespresso Chilli Con Carne, made with brisket.

For the ‘Sweets’, Retha & Tshepi concocted a Coffee Chocolate Tart with Raspberry Tuile; Stella & Jeff went classic with Ice Cream with Nespresso Chocolate Sauce; Izak & Wessel went for Coffee & Chocolate Mosbolletjies with Coffee Zabaglione and Bernadette & Shaleenidelivered a complex Paris-Brest with Coffee Three Ways.


The results:


Team Savoury



Contestant Scoring

Karen & Tenille

‘Karoo Kreefies’ – sheep tails with Irish Coffee Cauliflower

Praised by Wessel for delivering the most coffee flavour by that stage of the tasting, with Jeff declaring them ‘tender’ – though mom Stella guessed that perhaps they were pork ribs, rather than lamb tails.



Nevi & Craig

Coffee Spiced Lamb with Country-Style sides

Nevi & Craig’s Coffee Spiced Lamb dish drew better reviews, though Jeff wanted more coffee.



Brett & Aidan

for Coffee-Rubbed Rib-Eye with potatoes, grilled asparagus, Altissio Chocolate & Chilli sauce

Retha declared Brett & Aidan’s Coffee-Rubbed Rib-Eye ‘bitter, but not in a bad way’, while Jeff said he tasted more chocolate than coffee.



KB & Nadia

Nespresso Chilli Con Carne, made with brisket

Both Izak and Jeff struggled to cut through the brisket in KB & Nadia’s Nespresso Chilli Con Carne, while Shaleeni couldn’t detect any coffee in the dish.



Team Sweet



Contestant Scoring 

Retha & Tshepi

Coffee Chocolate Tart with Raspberry Tuile

Retha & Tshepi’s Coffee Chocolate Tart delivered enough coffee for KB, though Aidan disagreed.



Stella & Jeff

Ice Cream with Nespresso Chocolate Sauce

Stella & Jeff’s high-risk Ice Cream with Nespresso Chocolate Sauce needed to be perfect to score well – and the contestants were somewhat unconvinced.



Izak & Wessel

Coffee & Chocolate Mosbolletjies with Coffee Zabaglione

Craig enjoyed Izak & Wessel’s Coffee & ChocolaeMosbolletjies for its homage to traditional coffee & rusks and Nadia declared the coffee flavouring ‘lovely’. Brett & Aidan – the latter having ‘smashed the whole thing’.



Bernadette & Shaleeni

Paris-Brest with Coffee Three Ways

Bernadette & Shaleeni’s high-effort Paris-Brest delivered decent results, with Nadia enjoying the pastry and cream, but Craig struggled to detect the coffee.




The contestant scoring meant that KB & Nadia were at the bottom of the Savoury group while Retha & Tshepi propped up the Sweet group. At the top end of the leaderboard, J’Something described Karen & Tenille’s ‘Karoo Kreefies’ as one of the best dishes he’d ever been served on MKRSA – scoring them a perfect 20/20 – while Izak & Wessel scooped a 17 from David for their well-balanced dish.

KB & Nadia picked up a combined 24 from the judges and waited to hear if that would be enough to keep them in the competition. Luckily for them, neither judge enjoyed Brett & Aidan’s dish, scoring it a combined 17/40 to put them at the bottom of the ‘Savoury’ scoring and sent them home. Retha & Tshepi were hoping for a similar miracle – and got it when their combined 28/40 from the judges gave them a total of 51 and eclipsed the 48 Stella & Jeff were awarded, to send the Mom & Son duo home.

KB & Nadia; Karen & Tenille; Nevi & Craig; Retha & Tshepi; Izak & Wessel and Bernadette & Shaleeni now stand a one in six chance of winning the R1 million prize – if they can survive two more weeks of MKRSA challenges. 

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