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08 August 2022
Damsel in distress…NOT!
Woman on a bed of roses

Whether it’s badass queens like Oofuni (Ajoche), Mkabayi (Isibaya) or Zuba (Zuba), we are giving props to some of the strongest female leads who are breaking boundaries.

Oofuni played by Lota Chukwu

Feared by many, she’s the first of her kind. She’s the manipulator and seducer of great men and the avenger of the people of Aboh. Played by Lota Chukwu, in the presence of men, Oofuni stands fearless. She exudes power, and when she enters the room, even kings tremble.

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Mkabayi played by Thembi Nyandeni 

Mkabayi, played by Thembi Nyandeni, is tough-talking and stands defiant in the face of danger. She’s the matriarch of the Zungu clan, and a force to be reckoned with. Mkabayi is lethal, whether with an AK-47 or her words. She will protect her family at all costs, even if it means taking on men twice her size.

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Zuba played by Mwaka Mugala

Zuba, portrayed by Mwaka Mugala, retains her femininity, showing strength and courage. She may appear tame and timid, but don’t be fooled. Zuba is fierce and gives a good fight. She rises from poverty to make her mark in the fashion industry.

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At Novela Magic, we raise our glasses to these amazing women this Women’s Month!

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