Oofuni of Aboh

16 February 2022
A woman, healer, temptress and defender
Oofuni Ajoche

We’re in the early episodes of the show Ajoche and if you’re already hooked, it’s most likely due to the mysterious seductress, Oofuni.


When the series starts, tragedy befalls the Ocholuje kingdom, and everything goes into chaos. While you may have been focused on General Apeh, who seems to be the clear villain in the story, you can’t help but be lured in by the mysterious character of Oofuni, an apprentice healer born in the now enemy kingdom of Aboh but living in Ocholuje.

Oofuni wants revenge for Aboh, and she wants the people of Ocholuje to pay for wiping out her home. What better way than to mess with the leader of Ocholuje?

She uses her witchcraft to get in bed with General Apeh, however, her ambition will not end there.

We can’t wait to watch her mischievous, yet intelligent ways and her transition to a position of power because if her actions are anything to go by, she’s headed there.

Here is what Nigerian actress Lota Chukwu had to say on her Twitter account about playing this character:

“Okay since we’re on the Ajoche/Oofuni train today, I might as well One of my biggest fears with being Oofuni, asides being the fact that people would hate her, was how distracting the costumes were. I feared everyone would focus on the boobs and not all the work I was putting in.

This particular costume stressed me! When I say stressed? Whew! First day wearing it and I spent almost 20mins in the changing room and I came out with a shawl until it was time to act."

People would l take pictures of their TV set and send to me, circling the boobs and yeah, that was uncomfortable. Someone sent a mail to @JamesOmokwe I’ll let him tell y’all what the mail said when he’s ready😂😂 as long as it got you people to watch, it was sha not too bad.”

What are your thoughts on Oofuni?

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