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A friendship put to the test - Inconceivable

15 September 2020
How far will you go for your best friend?
not your baby

Only two episodes in, and we are already questioning the true meaning of friendship and how far you’ll go to protect what you have or to replace what you’ve lost.

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Marieke is in a tough spot as she desperately wants her best friend to be happy and have a baby, but when things don’t turn out the way they both thought it would, she is placed in the worst position.

As well as being Rachel’s best friend, she is also a gynecologist and the one that had to deliver the worst news an expecting mother could possibly hear.

After trying so hard to fall pregnant, Rachel did not want to accept the fact that her baby would be stillborn, and desperately tried to find someone who’d tell her that it wasn’t true.

Being a high-profile lawyer married to a top executive, James, has pressures of its own, and breaking that kind of news would not be easy in their circle of friends.

A circle of friends who’ve been beyond excited for the new arrival and went all out to plan the perfect baby shower.

Petrified to disappoint both her husband and her friends, Rachel steals another baby to keep up the facade of her perfect life, but soon comes to grips with the reality of her decision. Rachel rides a rollercoaster of emotions in episode two as she tries to figure out what needs to happen with Abby. 

This is the ultimate test of friendship. Do you, knowing that your best friend has made a terrible mistake keep it to yourself and play along, or do you as a practicing doctor that witnessed the mistake say something?  

Marieke is the moral compass of the group and her love for Rachel has been put to the ultimate test.

Rachel is under so much pressure to keep up appearances that she is willing to do the most inconceivable things to protect her image.

Stuck in the middle of this massive lie we have two unknowing spouses that have no idea why one wife is being completely distant and the other extremely secretive.

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All we know is that we cannot get enough of the incredible storyline in this dramatic new original series.

Don’t forget to join us this Thursday at 20:00 to see what new obstacles these two friends have to navigate whilst trying to figure out what to do about the lie that is ripping through their friendship.

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