Reasons to watch Inconceivable

12 July 2021
Homegrown and absolutely brilliant, this is why you should watch Inconceivable.
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M-Net City brings you the compelling and thought-provoking drama Inconceivable this July. The show boasts a dark and riveting storyline that will grip you from beginning to end. Here are the reasons to tune in!

The cast

You will recognise the amazing and well-renowned cast from other local and international TV shows. The actors are proudly South African, telling proudly South African stories with a dark twist. 

Sisanda Henna, whom you'll remember from the intriguing crime drama Trackers, plays a husband who looks like he has it all: his own budding business and a beautiful, driven wife. But he lacks something money cannot buy.

WATCH: Sisanda Henna and the rest of the cast discuss some of their favourite scenes while filming.

The boisterous and talented Jay Anstey talks about her role below. Her character Tamsin is a girl from the wrong side of the tracks but is a mother who is willing to do anything for her children and fight for what's hers.  You can also catch Anstey on Legacy as the fun-loving Lexi Price on M-Net 101.

Filming of the show was carried out during a period of lockdown. Watch the cast discuss what it was like filming during a pandemic:

The cast shared a close bond during filming. Check out this cool throwback of Anel and Sisanda:

Complex characters

Not everything is as it seems. The characters on Inconceivable have many dimensions and will have us questioning our own lives, facing our own fears and demons. You will get to know each character more as they shed their layers and expose their deepest, darkest secrets. 

Actress Anel Alexander gives some insight into her character Marieke, a great doctor, caring mother, and loving wife whose life is thrown into chaos when her best friend Rachel forces her to carry a big, dark secret.

The character Rachel appears to be a rich, composed, and highly successful attorney and dedicated wife on the surface, but deep down she holds deadly secrets and pain of her own. A can of worms is opened when she does the unthinkable and from there on the secrets and drama keep coming. 

Watch as the cast tells us what similarities they shared with their characters:

Lesson to be learnt

The show may be dark and utterly shocking but there are great lessons embedded in many scenes.  Inconceivable  touches deeply on friendship, marriage, infidelity, infertility, loss, and mourning. Get ready to have all your emotions evoked.

Here's what Jay Anstey has to say about parenting:

Shocking twists

If there's one thing about this captivating drama, it's the twists! Trust us, you will be tweeting that you never saw it coming!

Watch Inconceivable on Thursdays at 20:50 on M-Net City. You can also stream the drama on Showmax.