Reasons to watch Lioness

13 September 2021
Here's why you should be tuning in:
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Shannon Esra is the unstoppable, determined, and brave Samantha Hugo on M-Net's brilliant Lioness. She's a devoted mother who is wrongfully accused of her husbands' crimes and serves eight years behind bars! Once out she's ready to clear her name and claim what's hers!

Here are our reasons to watch:

The cast

The cast includes some of South Africa's elite actors, with Shannon Esra taking on the lead role. If you watched her on Still Breathing, you're bound to enjoy her in this one, as she takes on a much darker role. The charming Jacques Bessenger plays her husband Adrian Hugo, a man with many secrets that Sam is about to uncover!


Meet the Hugos here


The super talented Nokuthula Mavuso plays Amo Twala, Sam's former best friend, who is caught in the middle of everything. You can also watch Mavuso in the crime drama Reyka on M-Net 101. Terrence Ngwila plays her devoted husband Sifiso Twala who is harbouring deadly secrets of his own.

Meet the Twala's here

Gerald Steyn plays Anton, a detective who is investigating Adrian's company, and develops a rather complicated relationship with Sam. You can also watch Steyn take on the role of yet another daring detective, detective Tanner on Reyka, as he comes closer and closer to uncovering the case of the sugar cane killer.

The characters

Lioness cleverly tells a story of families that are hurt, broken, and dealing with the aftermath of issues that happened years before. The characters are deep and multi-dimensional. The show focuses on grief, addiction, money, and power, and these stories are beautifully portrayed by each character.

Sam's determined to mend her relationship with her children. Let's meet the Hugo kids here:



Meet Jason, Sam's brother-in-law who has become the legal guardian of her children. He's a well-known judge who seems to have it all together. However, there is more than meets the eye to this power-hungry character. 

The story

Sam's story is a painful but adventurous one. The show touches on how far will a mother go to protect her children and clear her name. There are plenty of hard-hitting and thought-provoking scenes in the show. There are also many twists, so you've gotta tune in!


Lioness begins this November on Me, channel 115.